North Coast Inline Skating School
Providing Inline Skating Instruction and Skating Education in Cleveland and Northeastern Ohio Since 1995
Providing Inline Skating Instruction, Education and Programming
Email:                                                                      Phone:  216-261-3438

The Mobile Yoga Workout
A workout designed to connect the serenity that yoga with the cardiovascular and muscular benefits of an inline skating workout.

North Coast Inline is Now Scheduling
Mobile Yoga Lessons & Workshops

To find out more about the
Mobile Yoga Workout or
to try a free workout online go to

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North Coast Inline provides the following programming:

  • Group & Private Instruction for all ages
  • Summer Sports Camps
  • PE Teacher In-service Presentations
  • X-training Program for Athletes
  • Corporate Wellness
  • After School Programming
  • Skating  Parties

"Inline skating is easily accessible to nearly anyone. It is inexpensive, versatile, healthy, safe and, most importantly, fun."
~Kris Fondran, North Coast Inline Skate School Owner

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